Things to Know About In Drywalling

Things to Know About In Drywalling

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Drywall is a type of material used for finishing of interiors in homes. It can be used in creating ceilings and walls. It is one of the less expensive ways in home building and improvement. In fact, it has become a standard interior wall surface used in California homes.

Things to Know About In DrywallingAlso called as Sheetrock or gypsum board, the drywall has many benefits like, ease of application, inexpensive nature and use in various applications. It is easy to cut and when taped and finely sanded finishing and painting can be done immediately. It is also noncombustible. Dry walling is an important home improvement project that needs to be done with special care and consideration.

Here are some tips on drywall installation in your home.

Considering location and codes

You should first look at the locations you need to drywall in your home. This is important as many states and cities have codes pertaining to the installation you can use. The codes help in using standard installation both on walls and on ceilings. If you reside in locations where the risk of accidents like fire is higher, especially in case of attached garages, then in such instances, the usual half-inch Sheetrock specification is changed to a fire shield additional drywall of 5/8 inch.

Drywall types

There are different types to choose from, which can be selected based on the location. Here are some important types
• Regular - Used in non-rated, standard ceilings, walls and other architectural regions
• Fire rated - For ceilings and walls that need fire rating over 20 minutes
• Impact resistant- Used in dormitories or schools
• Moisture resistant - Used in basements, bathrooms and other moisture prone areas.
• Sound board- In multi housing units, or where noise transmission is a big issue, acoustic insulation for soundproofing is done.
• Flexible - In curves and arches and is generally ¼ inch thick.
• Blue Board – As base for plaster veneer to increase the appearance

Vital Accessories

Irrespective of the drywall type you use, it cannot be used alone. You need joint compound, which is called as drywall mud or also as spackle. The drywall mud is made of limestone, polymers, water and emulsifies. The smooth textured compound is convenient to apply and blends with a good finish. There are also fast setting spackling mixes available. The spackling is typically used in fiber mesh areas or over drywall tape made of paper. The joint taping closes and tightens the seams properly.

Moisture logged areas

A green Sheetrock board is used in areas, which are more prone to moisture like near the sink, and the area surrounding the shower. The moisture proof application ensures that the drywall is not damaged or molds are formed. Our company uses 100% genuine water-resistant green boards that are best for use in areas like bathrooms.

Generally construction adhesive along with screws are used, but some homes use nails to fix the drywall to the ceiling joist, which can cause studs to warp and cause pressure on the wall. Drywall Repair Santa Fe Springs has expert technicians who see to all types of Sheetrock installation and repair.

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