Brick Wall Covering by Expert Drywall Contractors

Are you wondering how to fix drywall holes? Here are the best answers related to drywalls

What are my choices for wall coverings?

You can cover your drywalls with bricks, wood, wallpaper or tiles. You can also just paint the walls or use special textured paint to give a different look to each room. Your choice should follow your needs. In the bathroom, for example, you should choose tile installation for higher moisture resistance and wallpaper in the bedroom.

Are there differences among tiles?

There are glass, ceramic, vinyl and stone tiles. Apart from having differences in terms of material, our specialists insist that they have differences in terms of strengths, too. You'll choose different tiles for the bathroom and for driveway tile installation. Kitchen floors, for example, need durable tiles too so that they won't break if you drop a heavy pan on it.

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